Monday, December 24, 2018

Wellness Dentistry

What Does Wellness Dentistry Mean?

Let’s say you become sick and go to a doctor for care. And let’s assume you are treated and recover. That’s all great! But what if instead you met with your doctor when you weren’t sick and learned how to stay healthy? Wouldn’t that be even better? That’s what we call “Wellness Care,” and it’s what we employ in our practice. We can get your teeth and gums to health and repair damage like any dental office. But we go even further and show how to avoid dental problems in the first place.

We begin by giving you a very thorough examination. Many patients say they’ve never had such an extensive oral exam. We check out your bite and how your teeth mesh together, we look for oral cancer signs, gum disease, wear on the tooth structure, and any problem that you might encounter in the future. We want to stave off any problems and make your smile healthy so you will be spending less time at the dentist!

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